How To Get Instant Backlinks

If you are into Outsourcing SEO, you’ve probably know that backlinks are one of the most important parts of any   Search Engine Optimization work. Backlinks are links placed on other sites that lead back to your website or blog. Backlinks tell Google and Yahoo that other sites think you’re worth linking too, and that gets you a higher page rank, which means more visitors and more sales.  But how to get them is not that simple and there are some ways or programs that will post your backlinks all over the Internet. However, most of these programs are paid here are some simple for getting instant backlinks to your website.

You can easily get backlinks by submitting to Web Directories your website address, contacts, URL and other details. Once your site is added to the directory, you’ll have a backlink. Most web directories are free, even though they do have pay options that move your site up to the top of their list. Remember, it is a good idea to resubmit your website or blog every three months. Sign Up With Popular Related Sites

Look for websites in your same niche that has high ranked with Google then register to be a member. Most sites have member profiles, which you can customize and add a link to your blog. Remember, links from related sites are considered more valuable to search engines. If your blog is about cooking, you’ll get more traffic by putting a backlink on a site about frying or baking rather than cleaning the pots and pans

You can also participate in forums. Nowadays, forums are everywhere and they cover almost anything that you can imagine. And just like any other websites, forums give their members a profile, where you can post an instant backlink to your website or blog. However, forums also have a feature called a signature. Much like it sounds, a signature is added to the end of every post or comment a member makes within the forum. Signatures can be customized to include a link to your site.

Commenting is also a great way to get backlinks. You can search for blogs related to your topic and post a comment. Most blogs allow you to include a link to your website, so once again you have an instant backlink on a related site. And for forums, it’s also important to keep your responses or much better if you ask a question to start a dialogue and establish a relationship with that blogger, who in turn might visit and comment on your blog. This is important for your part as so people in related fields can get to know what your business is about and can help promote your website or blog for you.

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Another great way is creating articles to get backlinks. Most article submission sites allow you to add your link to your profile at the end of your article. And if you submitted a great article, you might get the attention of other writers who then might visit your blog and comment. This is good because all the clicking and commenting mean more traffic back to your website.

Remember that the more links that you get from other related website to your own website, the higher the search engines will rank you. Getting good quality backlinks need a lot of work, but if you work hard to establish a good reputation within your niche, the time you spent is all worth it.