About Us

Online marketing concerns? TechTavy is here to save your day! Georgia Brown has been busy in the internet since 2009 and she has established TechTavy to listen to your internet woes.

Years ago, way before TechTavy, Georgia was a marketing intern in a famous retail company. She was just a college kid then, her ultimate goal was just to finish school.

With a stroke of luck, life brought her to marketing and the world of internet. But to Georgia, there are no coincidences, she believes this is what she’s meant to do and just found her at the right time.

However, life happened and things appeared to change. She moved on to finish school and took a job in the fashion industry.

It was a fun job for Georgia but something’s always amiss. However, she realized she will not really move on from online marketing. She came back and this time with a blog, Techtavy for your online marketing needs.